A Bristol Hospital

A Bristol Hospital

Hospitals can’t afford downtime. Their services, facilities, and teams need to be able to operate on a 24 hour basis, 365 days each year. In fact, it is often at their busiest times that the rest of the professional world is closed for business. M-Tech has worked with hospitals across Bristol, Bath, and the South West, and this has given us a unique insight into the needs and challenges which come with this sort of work.

  • Commercial CCTV: Hospitals are a hotbed of movement and chaos, and it can often be hard to keep tabs on people and threats without a CCTV system to help you out. Our CCTV suppliers offer a host of different services which can benefit a hospital, from facial tracking to risk detection.
  • Access Control: Hospitals are large buildings which often have maze-like structures to their floors. This can make it easier for people to find themselves in the wrong place, and this can be disastrous without the right access control. M-tech can help you to dictate exactly who accesses your hospital, and where they can go.
  • Fibre Cabling: Modern hospital machines are all computer driven, and they will often connect with one another over a local network. Using fibre cables for this can make the whole system more reliable, along with giving you blazing fast data transfer speeds to keep your hospital on the go.

Our experience working with hospitals has given us the knowledge and expertise to navigate the red tape which surrounds this field, and we’ve worked with directors and hospital managers alike to achieve the security and networking needs.

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